Lawsuits are a threat that any business must contend with, but lawsuits from current or former employees can be particularly disruptive. Not only do such claims threaten morale among other employees, they can also prove financially costly. A single claim for discrimination, harassment, retaliation, or wrongful termination can lead to substantial unplanned legal fees. Such claims, even if they are not valid, can also trigger unwanted media attention, which can further pose a threat to a business’s bottom line. By investing in employment practices liability insurance (EPLI), some of the costs associated with a claim by a disgruntled employee can be covered.


Why Do Businesses Need EPLI?

From large corporations with robust human resources departments to smaller businesses with limited personnel, employee lawsuits can have a severe impact on a company’s operations and wellbeing.Even frivolous claims can result in financially devastating legal judgements.With EPLI, businesses can be protected from the many expenses associated with an employee lawsuit.


How To Get EPLI

EPLI can help businesses succeed by protecting them from some of the worst fallout from an employment-related claim. Suracy has the tools and resources to guide organizations through the different ways to mitigate exposure to such claims.Furthermore, if your business is subject to employment-related litigation, EPLI coverage can be there to help your company weather the storm. Contact us today and we will work to find an EPLI policy that provides a premier standard of coverage at a rate your business can afford.

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