What Is Professional Liability Insurance Designed to Cover?

Professional Liability Insurance can help pay for lawsuits if a client accuses your business of negligence, failing to deliver work and/or services, and work mistakes. A tailored insurance program placed by Suracy can help protect your bottom line in the event of a lawsuit.

  • Negligence

  • Failing to deliver

  • Work mistakes


Who Needs Professional Liability Insurance?

Since many experts are required to obtain state licensing and other certifications, there can be a lot of liability for a business based on someone’s expertise.

  • IT Professionals: financial protection from data breaches, software liability, and technical errors
  • Accountants: financial protection from accounting errors, data entry errors, and miscalculations
  • Architects: financial protection from over-budgeting, delays, and construction material issues
  • Real Estate Agents: financial protection from disclosure failures and failure to close
  • Consultants: financial protection from inaccuracies or wrongful advice
  • Healthcare professionals: financial protection from lawsuits


How Do I Get Professional Liability Insurance?

Professional Liability Insurance placed by Suracy can give you piece of mind when running your business. Our insurance professionals can help guide you in selecting tailored coverage that helps protect your lifetime investment. Contact us today to help keep yourself protected tomorrow.

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