Our Story

Our mission is to help you protect what matters most.


At Suracy, our goal is to help you thrive and customize solutions to help best meet your unique needs.
We will learn about what matters to you and identify ways to effectively navigate risk throughout all your endeavors. Whether you are looking to protect your business, home, automobiles, or more, we want to help you succeed with peace of mind.


We work for you so that you can keep moving forward should the unexpected happen.

Our principles:


You deserve accessible support from a friendly and reliable team. We will be there when you need us, as demonstrated by our 99% customer satisfaction rating on post-call surveys.


Your dollars belong in your pocket. We want to ensure you benefit from outstanding coverage at pricing you can afford.


Your coverage needs are unique. We offer you tailored products from our network of top-tier carriers and continually shop your coverage so you can select the best available option.


Equipping you with resources and tools to help you stay protected and navigate risk is our priority.


We want to help you protect your business and family because we care about our customers and what matters to them. We aren’t just an insurance agency. We are a partner in protection and growth.

Our team:

The Suracy team is made up of experienced professionals and seasoned industry leaders who work together to support our mission of helping you protect what matters most. Our staff is dedicated to helping you thrive and our team members set themselves apart by their knowledge of and appreciation for your unique needs.

The Suracy team doesn’t strive to simply have customers. We strive to have trusted partnerships. Based out of Cleveland, OH, we are a midwestern company that serves people and businesses across the country. At Suracy, we are accessible, knowledgeable, and we will be there when need us.

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